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Baobab Grants

Make Life Be Seen >

Many wonderful life forces are hidden in the heart of the Earth's darkness, and we want them to be seen. "Baobab Grants" aim to encourage artists who share the same values as us to use their unique perspective to find the life worth being seen, achieve their ambitions and stimulate greater understanding and engagement from the public.

Baobab Forests

Breathing Life Into The Planet >

Our home planet is breathing just like you, and the forest is her lungs. "Baobab Forests" aims to plant trees to improve lives and make a greener future for all.

Baobab Seeds

Make Life Thrive >

"Baobab Seeds" will focus on youth education. We believe that every child is full of amazing potential, and we work together to help them have a fair chance in life and change their future for the better. We will start with building educational facilities, including libraries and sports fields while establishing schools for children in the near future.


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